When You’re Gone

Singing Promises in Paris

In a tiger-print coat;

Playing a red guitar

With Fire and Soul.

Everyone Else is Doing it

So Why Can’t We?

Take No Baggage

On The Journey.

The music is Loud and Clear—

The Summer Song will Linger;

But it’s All Over Now…

Without the perfect singer.

It’s Raining in My Heart,

And I’m Losing My Mind.

The Roses are fading

And I keep asking Why?

Dreaming My Dreams—

I Can’t Be With You.

Just My Imagination

In the Electric Blue.

I Still Do have Dreams.

But I Still Can’t shake—

The Shattered Illusion.

We all need Saving Grace.

No Need to Argue—

Don’t Put Me Down.

You say, “I Just Shot John Lennon.”

Don’t ask me How.

Let’s Bury the Hatchet

And remember the Ecstasy.

Quit being a Lunatic

And Throw Your Arms Around Me.

You Always were So Good

To Show Me the Stars.

I looked into your Pretty Eyes

And saw your Crazy Heart.

Do You Know

What’s on my mind?

Ridiculous Thoughts

Is what you’ll find.

Every Morning I pray

God Be With You.

Will You Remember

The Picture I View?

I Will Always think

That you were Pretty—

When you were singing

Zombie, Zombie.

When I feel the Pressure,

I start Waltzing Back;

Everything I Said—

Catch Me if You Can.

Forever Yellow Skies

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee;

Battling the Animal Instinct

Like every Desperate Andy.

Your Conduct is confusing

You say you’re Not Sorry.

I feel so Empty

Are You Listening?

Thinking of When We Were Young

I Wanted you to write

An Ode to My Family

The Apple of My Eye

With You and Me

It’s never an Ordinary Day

I feel so Lost

But Salvation comes Sunday

Leaving Hollywood

For A Place I Know.

Wake Me When It’s Over—

I’m just an average Joe.

This is the Day

I try to Analyse;

But In the End

We’re Free to decide.

We give honor

To the Faithful Departed

I’m Still Remembering them

In the Garden.

When You’re Gone

I Really Hope…

We can Carry On—



You look down

On the common man.

You give advice on things

We don’t “understand”.

You mock our love of country

And call us Christian Nationalists.

To impress the Academy

And stay on the A-list.

You can’t stand the Populist

Since he’s not one of you.

He lacks sophistication

And speaks the truth.

You load us with guilt

And sell your CRT

You hate our country

But defend our enemies.

Just keep the money coming

To support the establishment.

You could care less about us

As long as the check is sent.


You know I tried;

I fought the fight.

But you wouldn’t listen,

So I took flight.

You can’t change someone—

Who doesn’t see a fault.

You can’t reform an institution—

When you’re under assault.

I banged my head

Against the wall.

They shot their arrows

To see me fall.

What can you do?

When leaders are janus-faced?

There were some good people

In that lonely place.

I cared more about the truth

Than playing the game.

I didn’t care what they thought

Or about building a name.

A load off my back

I feel so free.

I’ll head down the road—

To find who I’m supposed to be.

The Things

The Things
Wes Provine
Nov 26, 2016

The things inside
The things that we hide
The things that make us cry
The things about which we lie.

The things that we carry
The things that make us weary
The things that we bury
The things that are scary.

The things we do not share
The things that seem unfair
The things that load us with care
The things we can hardly bear.

The things only God knows
The things that bring us low
The things that steal our hope
The things at the end of our rope.

But is this list complete?
The things people perceive
The things people see
What things are these?

These are the things that we wear
These are the things of which we don’t care
These are the things that we dare
These are the things others help us bear.

These are the things outside
These are the things of our pride
These are the things in sight
These are the things in the light.

All these things are yours and mine
All these things are part of life.
Some of these things we divide
But the heaviest things are the ones we hide.

Memories and Dreams

Thinking back to those times
When feelings ruled the day
Everything seemed wide open
And dreams were easy to come by

Ignorance is bliss they say
That may be true for the moment
But the painful realities
Always catch up to you. 

Oh to go back to earlier times
That seemed so carefree
It was the possibilities
That made it exciting 

You knew too little
Not to expect amazing things
You didn’t listen to those
Who told you it was impossible

But youth is an illusion
You think it will always be like this
People tell you differently
But you don’t believe them

A night on the town
City lights and big sights
Romancing your love 
Just chasing your dreams

But you can’t go back
You know too much
It wouldn’t be the same
Responsibility creeps in.

–Wes Provine

Purpose and Passion

Sometimes in life
Our ideals fade to blue
So we bury love deep inside
Just to get through.

Then life becomes stale
Days become drudgery
We feel discouraged
And wonder if it’s meant to be.

We can’t make a living
On passion and dreams
So we sell romance
For responsible stability

We were created
For battle and beauty
Yet we settle for
Mediocrity and money

Will we have the courage
To be who He meant us to be?
Will we follow our dreams
Or settle for security?


I walked through the woods

On a cloudy November day.

I stopped to pick up an acorn

And put it in my pocket to take home.

Such great potential in a tiny vessel.

I carried a large oak home that day;

But I did not struggle with the weight of it.

I hardly thought any more of it.

The next day I planted that seed.

In a secluded corner of the backyard.

I waited patiently over the years

And was rewarded with much shade.

But one day many years later

I walked through those same woods as before

It was then I realized the absence of an oak tree,

And guilt lay heavy on me for my theft.

Music, Mirth, and Merry Memories

I find myself

Longing for

A time before

When all was well.

In former days

Wannabe rock star

Now watching from afar

I’d rather play.

Feeling past prime

Dreams fading

Energy spent wading

Running out of time.

On the edge

A country divided

Wrongs not righted

Out on the ledge.

Thrills expired

Duty binds

Smiles to sighs

Problems mired.

A time machine

Back to the nineties

Sweet memories

But already seen.

Searching in the Night

By Wesley Provine

March 2005

Awake in the night,

And countin’ the sheep

Ain’t bringin’ the sleep;

So he goes for a drive.

He wonders if he’ll find—

What he’s been looking for,

Or is more pain in store?

He’s seeking the answer tonight.

He’s been left behind;

He’s shut outside.

He’s losing his mind—

It’s another hopeless night.

He’s driving in the night,

Down that old empty road.

Thoughts and feelings overflow,

He’s searching in the night.

He knows futility well;

Will tomorrow be the same?

Will he still bear his shame?

No one can tell.

He’s tryin’ to escape—

This frustration he feels;

It’s all too real,

And he hates the wait.