Don’t Use the Left’s Language

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, Newspeak was the language of Oceania created by the Party to limit people’s ability to think and communicate subversive thoughts. It was basically a dumbed down version of English, or Oldspeak. Such nonsensical words like doubleplusgood were created to replace words like excellent. Goodthink meant politically correct ideas that were approved of by the Party. And words like joycamp (forced-labor camp) meant the exact opposite of the reality behind the word. Some modern-day examples of newspeak include the words inclusive, homophobic, and winter break.

Inclusive is the big buzzword these days. Everyone wants to be welcoming and kind to people. But that’s not really what the Left means by the word. They mean that you must approve of agendas that you don’t agree with—that you can no longer hold to Christian values. If you espouse anything that doesn’t line up with the Left’s pet causes, then you are a bigot, and thus not inclusive.

Being inclusive is also the reasoning behind the use of the next word, Winter Break. When I was a kid, we called the two-weeks we got out of school in December and January, Christmas Break. But I’ve noticed in recent years, Winter Break is used even by Christian teachers (largely out of habit or being forced to, I suppose). This is a clear attempt to deChristianize our schools, though liberals will claim that they are only trying to be inclusive. Everyone knows the reason why kids are out of school during this season—Christmas. People often travel to be with their families during this time. Yet the Left wants to pretend that it’s just another break from school that happens to occur during winter.

Homophobic has also been a liberal buzzword for years. The Left uses this one to beat anyone into submission who dares to challenge the LGBT agenda, which makes it difficult to hold to Biblical views on sexuality. If you say you are for marriage between a man and a woman, then you are tagged and labeled with this word. No one wants to appear to be afraid of something, so they get defensive, and in so doing, unwittingly distance themselves from the very values which they espouse. This is all a very insidious strategy by the Left.

All of this probably sounds way too familiar. A recent online meme joked about the need to move 1984 from the fiction section to the current events section. The sad fact is that people these days voluntarily change their language; they don’t even have to be forced to do so. This is largely due to the deconstruction of truth and language found in postmodern academia over the last century. No longer is 2 + 2 = 4 such a simple and obvious concept.

So, as Christians and conservatives we must not fall into the trap of using the Left’s language— because if we do use their language, we will play right into their hands. We will limit our ability to discover and communicate truth and to defend our cherished values. Like in the novel 1984, we will get to a point where we just accept whatever lies the Party pushes on us. Then freedom of speech and freedom of thought will be things of the past. The Left will control everything in society. You have to realize that is the goal—control. And the Left often uses language to achieve it.

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