We’re Losing Our Country

We’re losing our country, and it saddens me. The worst part is that we are doing it to ourselves. Or we are at least allowing it to happen. I’ve often been disappointed by the lack of people who take a stand or speak up about what is going on these days in the land of the free. Yet, there are some faithful patriots who refuse to give in to the woke communists and the leftists. God bless them.

The primary problem I see is that there are too many silent Americans who value their jobs, reputation, or friendships more than they value freedom or truth. We need more to speak out against the leftist takeover of our nation.

The worst silence is the silence in the pulpits. You would think that preachers would be screaming as loud as they can about the dangers posed to our families and freedoms, but sadly that is not the case for the most part. Everyone is afraid.

We need more sons of Issachar who understand the times. We need more Davids to fight the Goliaths. We need more Pauls who will boldly speak the truth.

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