When You’re Gone

Singing Promises in Paris

In a tiger-print coat;

Playing a red guitar

With Fire and Soul.

Everyone Else is Doing it

So Why Can’t We?

Take No Baggage

On The Journey.

The music is Loud and Clear—

The Summer Song will Linger;

But it’s All Over Now…

Without the perfect singer.

It’s Raining in My Heart,

And I’m Losing My Mind.

The Roses are fading

And I keep asking Why?

Dreaming My Dreams—

I Can’t Be With You.

Just My Imagination

In the Electric Blue.

I Still Do have Dreams.

But I Still Can’t shake—

The Shattered Illusion.

We all need Saving Grace.

No Need to Argue—

Don’t Put Me Down.

You say, “I Just Shot John Lennon.”

Don’t ask me How.

Let’s Bury the Hatchet

And remember the Ecstasy.

Quit being a Lunatic

And Throw Your Arms Around Me.

You Always were So Good

To Show Me the Stars.

I looked into your Pretty Eyes

And saw your Crazy Heart.

Do You Know

What’s on my mind?

Ridiculous Thoughts

Is what you’ll find.

Every Morning I pray

God Be With You.

Will You Remember

The Picture I View?

I Will Always think

That you were Pretty—

When you were singing

Zombie, Zombie.

When I feel the Pressure,

I start Waltzing Back;

Everything I Said—

Catch Me if You Can.

Forever Yellow Skies

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee;

Battling the Animal Instinct

Like every Desperate Andy.

Your Conduct is confusing

You say you’re Not Sorry.

I feel so Empty

Are You Listening?

Thinking of When We Were Young

I Wanted you to write

An Ode to My Family

The Apple of My Eye

With You and Me

It’s never an Ordinary Day

I feel so Lost

But Salvation comes Sunday

Leaving Hollywood

For A Place I Know.

Wake Me When It’s Over—

I’m just an average Joe.

This is the Day

I try to Analyse;

But In the End

We’re Free to decide.

We give honor

To the Faithful Departed

I’m Still Remembering them

In the Garden.

When You’re Gone

I Really Hope…

We can Carry On—


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