Memories and Dreams

Thinking back to those times
When feelings ruled the day
Everything seemed wide open
And dreams were easy to come by

Ignorance is bliss they say
That may be true for the moment
But the painful realities
Always catch up to you. 

Oh to go back to earlier times
That seemed so carefree
It was the possibilities
That made it exciting 

You knew too little
Not to expect amazing things
You didn’t listen to those
Who told you it was impossible

But youth is an illusion
You think it will always be like this
People tell you differently
But you don’t believe them

A night on the town
City lights and big sights
Romancing your love 
Just chasing your dreams

But you can’t go back
You know too much
It wouldn’t be the same
Responsibility creeps in.

–Wes Provine

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