If You Love America, Vote Trump

This election could be a watershed moment in American history. Stark choices are set before us: freedom versus socialism, the rule of law versus mob-fueled chaos, a Christian worldview versus godless ideologies, and a strong America versus a vastly diminished one. If you love America, you must vote for Trump on November 3.

The Biden-Harris agenda is one of the most radical we’ve seen in this country’s history. Remember the riots, looting, and violence earlier this year in places like Portland, New York City, Seattle, and Minneapolis? All of those cities had Democratic mayors. That is a microcosm of what all of America will look like if Biden is elected.

The Trump-Pence ticket, on the other hand, supports law and order, religious freedom, economic prosperity, and a strong stance against China. While Biden and the Democrats want to shut the country down, Trump and the Republicans want our country to get back to the America we once knew before radical leftists took over.

Trump and the Republicans represent common sense in the midst of the Democrats’ ocean of chaos and insanity. The Democrats want to rewrite our history. They see America as fundamentally flawed and racist. In contrast, Trump and the Republicans foster pride in our heritage and country. They see America for what it is—the land of opportunity.

Biden and the Democrats want to push godless ideologies on you and punish you if you refuse to comply. Trump and the Republicans believe in the Constitution, freedom, and personal responsibility. They recognize that our freedoms are a gift from God, and that our nation was founded on Christian principles and made for a virtuous people.

So if you love America and what it stands for, then you must vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence on Election Day. It’s the only rational choice to prevent the end of America as we know it.

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