Imagine a World….

Are we in the Twilight Zone?

Imagine a world where you have a socialist running for President of the United States who is openly calling for political revolution while other Democratic candidates are endorsing infanticide.

Imagine a world where a gay mayor who recently dropped out of the Democratic primary race for President openly kisses his “husband” on stage and encourages a 9-year-old boy to come out as gay.

Imagine a world where drag queens are not only allowed but encouraged to read to children in public libraries and schools.

Imagine a world where young kids are given puberty blockers and hormone treatments to change their gender and schools encourage this.

Imagine a world where there’s a Republican President who fights for Christians, speaks out against abortion at the March for Life in Washington D.C., and has overseen a vast improvement in the United States economy.

Now imagine for a moment if you will leaders of the largest Protestant denomination in the United States telling people that it doesn’t matter who you vote for and that we shouldn’t be aligned with any political party.

Imagine those same religious leaders attacking the current Republican President, calling him a racist, and saying that we hurt our witness if we support him.

Imagine those same religious leaders being silent about the drag queen story hour at the libraries and schools, the gay mayor, and the transgender indoctrination of children, but instead they regularly try to diminish America and paint it as a racist country.

Now imagine a group of people within that Protestant denomination who are concerned about the strange behavior of their religious leaders, and imagine that group forms a conservative network to combat the liberalism within the denomination.

Finally, imagine the leaders of that Protestant denomination attacking and attempting to silence that conservative network within their denomination.

Sadly, you don’t have to imagine this world because this is the world that you are currently living in.

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  1. Sharon Everhart says:

    As I read this, I thought of the novel BRAVE NEW WORLD. I taught it at Southeast High School in the l960s, and now we are living it.

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