In Defense of the Unborn

It’s raining today, which seems appropriate since it is the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. That tragic Supreme Court ruling has led to the deaths of over 60 million innocent babies. It has also inflicted untold psychological, physical, and spiritual harm upon millions of women. Abortion is much more than a political issue. Primarily, it is a moral and theological issue. It is also a family issue.

The Bible makes it clear that we as human beings are made in the image of God. Human life is sacred, and we are not to shed innocent blood. Some verses to consider along these lines are: Genesis 1:27, Genesis 9:6-7, Exodus 20:13, Psalm 139:13-14, and Luke 1:39-45.

Sadly, our conscience as a nation has been seared. It seems that we can no longer weep over our sins. I think about those babies inside the womb fighting for their lives, trying to get away from the instruments of the abortionist. Do we ever stop to consider what goes on within the walls of an abortion clinic? Do we ever think about the suffering of those innocent babies and what horrible pain they endure? Do we realize the depth of emotional damage caused to women who’ve had an abortion? What about the impact upon our society of the absence of millions of people–who should be here, but aren’t? Have we aborted a person who would have cured a disease, been President, or become the next Billy Graham? And obviously a person doesn’t need to be famous to have worth. These innocent babies could have grown up to be someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter. That is why abortion is a family issue. That is why it is a societal issue. It doesn’t just affect the woman. It affects everyone.

When I hear phrases like the woman’s right to choose or it’s the woman’s body, that all sounds very selfish to me. No thought at all seems to be given to the innocent unborn life. They are sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

We cannot ignore this horrific problem. It is being carried out on an industrial scale. It is a huge stain upon our nation’s conscience. Let us repent, seek God’s mercy, and take action. There are many pro-life charities and organizations with which people can get involved. Adoption is also a great solution for the woman who feels that she is unable to raise her baby. Many would-be parents are on waiting lists and would gladly raise that child.

If you have had an abortion, there is hope and forgiveness to be found in Jesus Christ. Thank God for his mercy. And perhaps the best way to find healing is to help other women avoid making the same tragic mistake.

So on this very sad anniversary, let us pray, let us renew our commitment to oppose this great moral evil. Let us lend a helping hand of mercy to those who have been affected by it. Let us vote for leaders who will stand up for the unborn and protect them. And let us do all that we can to prevent more babies from being killed. Let us choose life.

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