Clear Choice in 2020

On Columbus Day, President Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s statements on the holiday gave a clear indication of their parties’ vastly different visions for the United States of America.

Warren tweeted support for Indigenous Peoples’ Day and lamented America’s “long and painful” mistreatment of Native Americans. Trump, on the other hand, issued a Presidential Proclamation commemorating Christopher Columbus, calling him a “great explorer” and noting his courage and skill on his “daring voyage.” President Trump displayed appreciation for our country’s heritage while Senator Warren exhibited contempt for our history.

Warren isn’t the only Democratic candidate who wants to remake America. In CNN’s “Equality in America” town hall event last Thursday, Beto O’Rourke said he wanted to revoke the tax-exempt status of religious institutions that opposed same-sex marriage. This sent a clear signal that O’Rourke and the Democrats would come after churches and people of faith for their sincerely held beliefs. In contrast, President Trump and Vice President Mine Pence have been friends of evangelical Christians, not just in theory but also in practice.

Democrats offer a radical vision on the issue of abortion as well. In the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate on Tuesday night, Senator Kamala Harris attacked states with strict abortion bans and said that people need to keep their hands off women’s bodies and let women make their own decisions. Among the Democrat candidates, Harris is not alone in her radical pro-abortion views. The Democrat Party has stooped so low that it now seems to celebrate the murder of babies. President Trump, however, has been one of the most pro-life presidents in recent memory. Vice President Pence has publicly declared he would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned.

So we have a starkly clear choice in the 2020 election. The Republican Party stands for America, faith, and life, while the Democrats are hostile to all of the above. If we want to preserve America, religious freedom, and promote the sanctity of life must vote Republican. The choice could not be clearer.

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