Ten Ways to Make the SBC Great Again

1. Shut down the ERLC.

2. Remove liberals from leadership within the convention.

3. Fire seminary professors who teach or preach Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and/or social justice.

4. Foster a pro-American atmosphere within the denomination.

5. Cut all ties with ecumenical groups like TGC.

6. Reveal the salaries of top SBC executives.

7. Shift power from the Executive Committee back to the local churches.

8. Take a strong, Biblical stance on homosexuality.

9. Reaffirm the SBC’s commitment to the prohibition of women pastors and preachers.

10. End diversity-motivated hiring practices.


  1. Sharon Everhart says:

    Outstanding list. How do we do it?


    1. Get involved in our local churches make sure conservatives are attending the yearly meeting. Also make sure the SBC leaders hear from conservatives.


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